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We are a proud to have Sweet World Pastry Shop part of our family of Bakeries at 1-800-Bakery.

This Polish owned bakery presenting the very best European delicacies and desserts .   Sweet World Pastry is a family-owned  bakery that  was established in 1987  to countinue a long-standing  family tradition  reaching back to 1937 when our parents first started a bakery in the  Old  Country.  

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Baumkuchen Spit Cake – Cake Delivery Online
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Baumkuchen-Sękacz – Cake Delivery Online
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We can ship Baumkuchen, Senkacz, Spit Cake, Tree Cake, Kolaczki anywhere in the USA. Have a gift that remembers the old country here in the USA. All made by Sweet World Pastry Shop


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