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We at 1-800-Bakery have all our Gluten Free Desserts made by a bakery that only makes gluten free items. This is the only way to make sure they are truly gluten free. When others say they are gluten free but are made in a bakery that makes all other desserts how can you be sure.

We have Gluten Free Birthday Cakes so you can relax and enjoy. 

When you want a gluten free dessert, YOU got it!!!!!!!!  Our gluten free cookies and cakes are fresh baked.

So check out all of our gluten free desserts made.

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Finally, a Gluten Free cake that can be enjoyed by anyone!  A bite of this delightfully moist 8" Chocolate cake, coated in a dairy-free rich Vanilla frosting will send you back to childhood.  The cake features "Happy Birthday" written across it to make this a special year for somebody who normally can't enjoy a cake this good.  This is a great alternative to buying two cakes to please everybody.  Gluten Free or not, this cake will be a crowd pleaser.

Our gluten free birthday cake delivery online is the easy way to make someone you love happy on their birthday. Order a gluten free birthday cake and we will delivery it anywhere in the USA.


I love your services and quality.

by Tanuj Bhattacharya

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