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Traditional Dresden Stollen is our top-selling Christmas bread. We make our sweet dough from scratch and add candied fruits and raisins soaked in Myers Rum. Each tasty Dresden Christmas Stollen cake is baked to a golden brown, brushed with drawn butter and dusted with sugar for a festive finish.

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Read: The History of Dresden Stollen Bread

Initially created in Dresden, Germany in the 1400s, Dresden Stollen bread was made to represent the baby Jesus's likeness, wrapped in swaddling clothes. The original Dresden Stollen was made without butter or milk and was bland and flavorless. Yet it was a popular Christmas bread because of its religious significance. Every holiday season, bakers would deliver Dresden stollen to the reigning Saxon king.

Since Advent was an occcassion for fasting, using butter in baked goods was banned and oils were used instead. In 1647, Elector Lord Ernst of Saxony asked the Pope to eliminate the butter ban, explaining that oil was costly and difficult to acquire. The Pope lifted the ban to make Dresden stollen bread for the Prince and his family.

With the use of butter, Dresden butter stollen became very popular and the recipe changed from a lifeless pastry to a sweeter one containing candied and rum-soaked fruits and nuts. Today, only 150 bakers are allowed to make the official Dresden Stollen, which bears the seal of the city’s famous king August the Strong. However, bakers all over the world have their own take on both the original and the more modern recipes for German Dresden stollen bread, and bake the dessert not just at Christmastime, but also year round.

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