A Tribute to Chocolate



The name may have changed over the years, from xocoatl to Chocolatl to chocolate, but its worldwide popularity is undisputed. As early as the Sixth Century, Mayas began using the beans of the native cocoa plant to make chocolate. Since then, chocolate has served a multitude of roles, from currency to aphrodisiac to antioxidant-laden treat. It's even been called "the food of the gods".



 What hasn't changed about chocolate is how much people love it. We at 1-800-Bakery have collected a number of great chocolate products we're sure you'll love. We have something for everyone- a selection of chocolate birthday cakes for that special chocolate lover in your life, chocolate Lava cakes that made Oprah Winfrey's Favorite things list, sugar free low carb flourless chocolate cake for those with dietary restrictions who refuse to give up the finer things in life, and so much more.




If you're interested in learning about the exciting history of chocolate, the Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club has a great summary on their website.


Who knew that the Marquis de Sade used chocolates to hide poisons, or that Cassanova used a combination of champagne and chocolates to seduce women?



If you're looking for the perfect gift to go along with that cake or box of truffles, try David Lebovitz's "The Great Book of Chocolate". The master baker, a self-professed chocoholic, fills the book with mouth-watering photos and everything you need to know about chocolate, including his favorite recipes.


Too impatient to bake? Ship a chocolate treat to your doorstep (or a friend's) today! We've assembled a list of all our chocolate products below for your convenience...





Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

Chocolate Truffle Birthday Cake Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake 

Black and White Birthday Cake 

Chocolate Chambord Cake 

Flourless Truffle Cakes 

Rocky Mountain Mudslide Cake

Black Forest Cake

Chocolate Satin Cake

German Chocolate Cake

Sugar Free Low Carb Flourless Chocolate Truffle Cake 

Chocolate Celebration Cake  




Chocolate Dipped Linzer Hearts



Happy Birthday Cookie Cake    

Unbelievable 2 Lb Cookie Tin  

Gourmet Cookie Gift Assortment 



Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies 

2 Lb Mini Bite Cookies   




Grand Sequoia Mousse Cakes
Mini Cheesecake (12 piece) 
Mother Myrick's Fudge Sampler
 15-Piece Chocolate Truffles 
 Jacki's Candy Collection 
 Fudge Sampler
  Hot Fudge Sauce 
 Chocolate Petit Fours

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