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Most products are shipped UPS or FedEx. Arrive time can be any time of day up to 8 pm for residential addresses and close of business for businesses.

Online bakeries are not all created equal. Online bakery delivery is a delicate mastery, every time you ship you are transferring love and warmth from one person to another, a brother to his sister, a mother to her son, a husband to his wife, the giving of a special corporate gift between business friends, the combinations are endless. The care we give every time is the same.

Every time a dessert is selected for shipping from our online bakery the attention given is no different than preparing to mail fine miniature crystal sculptures and Faberge eggs across the country. We are in the unique gift idea business; we use tested and known bakeries to form an online family of bakeries who have committed to a proprietary code of excellence. This shows in the quality our online bakeries offer in everything we do from fresh baked goods to overnight delivery of cakes and gifts. Overnight delivery requires you place your order from our online bakery or toll-free number by 2p.m. Eastern today! Your satisfaction is essential to us, and should one of our online bakery products or our delivery fail to meet your expectations, we will provide a replacement or substitute of your choice.

The most common question I hear is, "how can you ship a birthday cake so it doesn’t get smashed into a pancake?" It makes me giggle when I hear this question because I can imagine how crazy the idea of shipping cakes sounds to someone who has never done it before. The magic lies in our detailed delivery process. Several steps are taken to ensure that your cake or dessert arrives at your door just as it was when it left us. If you really want to know how it is done, step-by-step, I’ve spilled the secret here.

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Cookie Bouquets & Personalized Birthday Cakes Delivery Online:

1-800-Bakery is a heaven for self-indulgence in the most exquisite cake and pastry you will ever feast your eyes upon! All our delicious hand-made cakes, stollen, petit four and pastry are a taste sensation using traditional recipes and authentic methods achieving an international reputation. All of which can be enjoyed by ordering cake delivery online in USA.

Have your birthday cake delivery direct from the Bakery Not a Warehouse! Order Cake online and we delivery anywhere in the USA. We are available to take cake online orders for our fabulous range of birthday cookie cakepetits fours, gluten free birthday cake, stollen.

USA Delivery of Birthday Cakes is available next day.

Personalized, custom logo cookies are the perfect way to send a message. Using edible ink and icing, we can create custom logo cookies to suit your needs. Clients will be delighted with the taste of these sweet, crunchy cookies, and impressed with the fun, personalized, company logo embossed right on the icing.

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i loved it. thank u very much!! :)

by Soo Hyun Rah

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