Birthday Coffee Cake

Date Added: Friday September 24 , 2010
The cake is very tasty and goes excellently with coffee. I also love that they sent a set of happy birthday napkins, a plastic happy birthday thing to stick on it, and a box of birthday candles to complete the experience. It\'s that special touch... (This is my daughter\'s review as I sent the cake to her for her birthday.)
by Debbie Runyan, rated with 5 of 5 Quality Hats. What is this? (5 of 5 Quality Hats. What is this?)
Birthday Coffee Cake
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Our coffee cakes are moist, sweet and have just the right mixture of the highest quality ingredients.  When you need a coffee cake delivery to someone you love anywhere in the usa, we are your bakery.


Tastey cake. Nice presentation!

by Adrianna Ramirez

Rating  4 of 5 Stars

It came on time and was awesome

by Patricia Livingstone

Rating  5 of 5 Stars

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