Blueberry Coffee Cake

Date Added: Friday June 05 , 2009
I sent the coffee cake and cookies to my mom for her birthday, she was thrilled. My mom took pictures and sent them to me. The cookies were much more colorful than the photo on the website and rated delicious. Although I did not request it the coffee cake came wrapped which was perfect because it was her birthday. Presentation is delightful as she didn\'t want to open the cake because it looked so pretty & once she gave in and tried the cake it got a two thumbs up! Service is fast w/ good communication , I look forward to using this service again .
by Colleen, rated with 5 of 5 Quality Hats. What is this? (5 of 5 Quality Hats. What is this?)
Blueberry Coffee Cake
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Our coffee cakes are moist, sweet and have just the right mixture of the highest quality ingredients.  When you need a coffee cake delivered by mail order to someone you love anywhere in the usa, we are your bakery.


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