Chocolate Gift Box Cake

Date Added: Saturday September 24 , 2011
OMG! I live in AK and my sister lives in LA. I wanted to get her something special for her birthday;esp. since she loves chocolate. Though I never got to actually SEE the cake, she was DELIGHTED. It was BEAUTIFUL, she commented; and tasted wonderful. Thanks, Chef Steve. Those of us living in AK pay lots of $ for products, expecting at LEAST good service. You have FANTASTIC service, and products. I hope your company remains the same! (Only dumb thing was-they "left the cake" at her front door, since wasn't home. Kinda of a silly thing to do.
But,I am thankful that she received it in GREAT condition!)
by Gwendolyn Brock, rated with 5 of 5 Quality Hats. What is this? (5 of 5 Quality Hats. What is this?)
Chocolate Gift Box Cake
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