Coffee Cake Combo - Three

Date Added: Monday February 17 , 2014
We couldn\'t decide which coffee cake to try, and very much appreciate having the option of trying three! My husband is the chocoholic in our house, so his favorite was the Chocolate Chip coffee cake, while I am still at a toss up between the cinnamon walnut and the blueberry crumb. I usually prefer the berries, but both cakes were so moist, that the berries didn\'t seem as if they had to be there in order to make the cake moist and tasty. Amazing!! Delicious no matter how you look at it!
by Christine McCaffery, rated with 5 of 5 Quality Hats. What is this? (5 of 5 Quality Hats. What is this?)
Coffee Cake Combo - Three
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Our coffee cakes are moist, sweet and have just the right mixture of the highest quality ingredients.  When you need a coffee cake delivery to someone you love anywhere in the usa, we are your bakery. We make mail order of coffee cakes easy for you and delivered right when you want it.


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