Red Velvet Cake

Date Added: Tuesday February 24 , 2009
You guys really made our Valentine\'s Day! According to my wife the Red Velvet Cake you sent me was absolutely the most delicious cake she\'s ever had. A little cake, a little wine, ........ Great Valentine\'s Day! Thanks so much.
by Michael Bright, rated with 5 of 5 Quality Hats. What is this? (5 of 5 Quality Hats. What is this?)
Red Velvet Cake
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Red Velvet Cake is a mild chocolate layer cake dressed in a beautiful scarlet hue.  It is iced and filled with a sweet cream cheese frosting.  Cake crumbs adorn the sides of the cake.  Two dainty red stemmed flowers top this festive cake. 

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by Reina V Smith

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