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Christmas Gifts for Grandma

She'll be over the moon to know you're thinking of her, even when you can't be there in person during the holiday season. Shop our classic selections for traditional desserts or send her something new. Adorable petit fours, hand-crafted candies or a decadently rich chocolate cake will bring back warm memories of time spent together. 

 "My grandmother made these every holiday when I was growing up. She is now in a nursing home and I miss them almost as much as she does. I surprised her with a box for Valentines day and she loved them! Now it is time to order some for me." - Leslie S., Kolaczki

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18 Item(s)

18 Item(s)

Christmas Shopping Made Easy

We know how stressful holiday shopping can be! Crowded malls, endless lines, racing to catch the sales and fighting a mounting to do list - it's enough to leave anyone completely beat by the time Christmas Day arrives. 

Who needs that hassle? The holidays should be about spending time with loved ones and enjoying precious memories. When you shop our online bakery, you free up your time for what matters. 

With our multiple address feature, you can get a gift for everyone and ship it out all on the same order. One single checkout process for all your shopping - and then you can put your feet up and sip some cocoa. 

We've organized our shopping guide to help you take care of business in record time. You'll find gifts for husbands, wives, grandparents, kids & more. You can shop for your loved one's favorite treats - gourmet cookies, cake pops, coffee cakes and decadent cakes delivered directly to their door.