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Employee Appreciation Day

Delicious coffee cakes, cake pops, cookies and other treats are a great way to show appreciation for your employees. Celebrate their success with a gift basket for the office or have a box of thank you petit fours delivered to their desk. 

If you're looking for custom business cakes and cookies, or want to send gifts to more than one location, check out our corporate custom logo gifts site here.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Employee appreciation has become a big focus of modern business practices, and for good reason. Studies have found that when employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to work efficiently, collaborate and show company loyalty. Appreciation has a trickle down effect - when management appreciates employees, employees show more appreciation towards each other. The result is happier teams, working together and achieving great things. 

Traditional methods have been replaced with unique employee appreciation ideas. For example, money is a poor reward. In a 2007 study, 70% of respondents to a survey said meaningful recognition has "no dollar value". What does make a difference is positive feedback, a fun work environment and shared experiences. 

Unexpected employee recognition gifts are often appreciated more than planned events. A coffee cake delivered to the break room on a Friday morning is a great way to let your branch know their efforts are seen and appreciated, without the formality of a rewards ceremony. Another employee appreciation idea is to send gourmet cookies in a box with a personalized message, letting your team know exactly how much their work matters. 

If you're looking for ideas for your large-scale or ongoing employee recognition program, see our corporate site. Custom logo cookies, company logo cookies or logo cakes, and a whole host of personalized cupcakes, fortune cookies, cake pops and chocolates can be decorated and delivered to multiple locations simultaneously. Having desserts delivered to your offices doesn't have to be complicated - just send us your needs and a list of addresses, and we do the rest.