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There's nothing like personalized desserts to make a special day memorable! A photo cookie gift basket is a great way to have personalized cookies delivered for a birthday gift or anniversary. Everyone absolutely loves seeing their face printed right on custom Oreos® or other personalized treats. 

If you're looking for promotional gifts, you can find our full selection of products here at our corporate site: Corporate Cookies, Logo Cakes & more! 

You can shop by category, browsing our selection of Logo Cookies, Logo Oreo® Cookies and Photo Cookies. Wedding favor cookies and other personalized cookies for any occasion custom cookie gifts are available, too!

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Personalized Cookies

Customized cookies and custom printed cakes will make any celebration extra-special!

Some unique ways our customers have used our photo cookies, logo Oreo cookies and other custom cookies:

...As a gift to their new graduate to celebrate their big day - just send us a photo and we can print their image with a custom congratulations message. These make great graduation gifts and graduation party favors, whether your student is graduating from high school or receiving their college diploma.

...As a unique promotional giveaway at their corporate events and tradeshows. Our clients have printed corporate logo cookies and custom logo cakes to celebrate company milestones, sometimes even sending thousands of custom desserts for simultaneous delivery to dozens of branches nationwide! 

...As a surprise birthday gift for their loved ones. Custom photo cookies use our proprietary printing process, which allows us to use full color, edible ink on every cookie. By printing directly on the icing, you'll only taste the sweet butter cookie - no "edible paper" or other fillers that create a strange taste and texture. Our printing process ensures that every cookie looks and tastes absolutely delicious from the first bite to the last.