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Custom Fortune Cookies

Custom fortune cookies are a great treat for every special occasion. They make perfect party favors, graduation gifts, congratulation gifts and unique birthday gifts. We even have a giant fortune cookie - a fun gift for the whole family.

1 Item(s)

1 Item(s)

Normally the entire point of a fortune cookie is getting to the message inside, but not so with our custom fortune cookies. The cookie itself is crisp and delicious, and you can choose to dip them in either Belgian Chocolate or Caramel. They are decorated by hand by our artisans with royal icing and colored non-pariels, then wrapped in cellophane and heat-sealed for freshness. 

Try a pail of our regular sized custom fortune cookies for unique baby shower gift ideas, holidays or birthdays. 

Or send one of our most unique cookie gifts, the Giant Custom Fortune Cookie. Big enough to share and with a personalized message inside, these make great congratulation gifts and thank you gifts.