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Petit Fours to Order

Petits Fours are delectable mini-cakes with layers of moist cake and rich buttercream. Each petit four is hand-decorated in a seasonal or holiday theme by one of our talented artisans for a special touch. You can order petit fours as a gift or have decorated petit fours delivered as the centerpience for an event.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

Petit Fours Bakery 

Is it "petit fours" or "petits fours"? The original French spelling of the plural is "petits fours". You don't say the "s" in either word and "petits" is pronounced like the word "petty". But in America, we are not used to silent letters and have used the phrase "petit fours" to mean "lots of delicious tiny cakes" so much it's now in the dictionary, despite technically being wrong. 

Petits fours for every occasion! Our birthday petit fours to order online come in a special gift box with a Happy Birthday message across the little cakes. We've also collected a wide selection of holiday petit fours - Christmas Petits Fours, Hannukah Petits Fours, Halloween Petit Fours, Patriotic Petits Fours and more. 

Order petit fours for your new grad! We carry these cakes decorated as tiny little academic hats that are perfect for graduation party favors. 

Get fancy! The Pastel Tea Hat Petits Fours are perfect for fancy tea parties, bridal showers and bachelorette parties. We carry specialty petit fours for weddings in a lovely all white design sure to have guests gasping (and going back for seconds...and thirds).