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Browse our selection of birthday cakes, special occasion cakes, holiday cakes, gourmet cookies, cookie baskets, cookie bouquets and other sweet treats. Made from the highest-quality ingredients from America's finest bakeries, your loved one will love receiving a birthday cake delivery on their special day.

Our collection of gourmet desserts online is second to none, and we offer gluten free cakes, gluten free cookies, sugar free cakes and other special diet desserts as well. 

18 Item(s)

18 Item(s)

Our cookies, cake pops, desserts, special treats and cakes online are second to none. We've selected the best bakeries, based on their use of the finest ingredients, proven recipes and excellent shipping methods. You can rest assured that when having cookies delivered, those cookies will arrive fresh, moist and absolutely irresistible. 


Send a cake to a loved one or have a cake delivered to your door to enjoy at home. Our selection of birthday cakes, cookie cakes, cake pops, mini cakes, tarts, cupcakes, cheesecakes gluten free cakes, sugar free cakes and flourless cakes has something for every taste and preference. 


A tin of decadent gourmet cookies is a lovely gift for college students, grandparents, birthdays and other special occasions. Our Incredible Two Pound Cookie Tin has everyone's favorite types of cookies delivered in a reusable cookie tin. We also deliver cookies in all kinds of creative ways - cookie bouquets, cookie baskets, custom fortune cookies and many more. 


We carry some of the best traditional Jewish desserts, Armenian desserts, Polish desserts and Kosher diet desserts online. Browse authentic Baumkuchen, Honey Nuggets, Rugelach and a wide assortment of Kosher cookies, cakes and other treats.

Our array of petit fours online is the most extensive collection of themed petit fours - they make unique Mother's Day gifts, thank you gifts, gifts for graduates and anytime dessert gifts to enjoy with tea. Perfectly bite-sized, our petit fours are made of rich, moist cake in flavors such as Chocolate Mint, Strawberry Cream, Lime, Tropical Pineapple, Classic Chocolate, Orange Almond, Raspberry Parfait & more.

Special Diet

Enjoy all of your favorite desserts tailored for those on a special diet. Gluten free cakes and gluten free cookies, sugar free cakes, flourless cakes and more. All of our special diet desserts online are just as good as the regular kind. You won't know what ingredient is missing - all the right flavors and textures, reliably delicious.

Special Treats

This is where you'll find gourmet confections like the Fudge Sampler, Buttercrunch, Chocolate Truffles, artisan candies and the best Hot Fudge you'll ever taste. Made with only the highest quality chocolate, caramel, nuts and butter toffee.