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Hello, my name is Chef Steve Pazyra, I am the owner of and I stand behind everything we offer and how we offer it. I want you to feel safe and totally satisfied in your experience with us.

As part of our care for you, our customer, we actively pursue state-of-the-art technology to ensure the most pleasurable and secure shopping experience possible. When you shop with us you can shop with confidence feeling certain your purchases and information are safe and your privacy respected.

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We offer an Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Your delivery is guaranteed to arrive as ordered and undamaged.

Your online purchase information is protected using the highest grade of SSL encryption and identity protection measures available.

We treat your private information as if it were our own and we do not share or sell it with third parties.

We have over 25 years of award winning bakery experience and we use it to deliver you the best-of-the-best that America has to offer in terms of baked goods and pastry chefs (read Our Story below).

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Our number one goal is making sure you are happy and satisfied with us. If you find a way we can improve our services, have some questions or an experience you would like to share I would love to hear from you. Please send me your story, questions or ideas via the form our our Customer Care section.

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Our Story

When I first began this business in 2002 the idea of an online bakery seemed like a strange one to most people. I was constantly reminded, "anyone who shops at the local bakery for desserts or a special occasion cake knows nothing compares to the sights and smells that rush your senses as you walk in the door." Every successful neighborhood bakery has a sweet scented claim to fame--that cookie, pastry, or cake that makes them special and that everyone in town raves about. The treat that reminds you of home, even if you find yourself miles away.

I started for this very reason. To offer baked goods from my small New England bakery to those who were miles away from home. As more people found out about the site, they started asking for products that I didn't have. I was happy for the new requests but distressed I had no way to meet the growing demand.

So I started searching across America for bakeries that shared my commitment to quality, creativity and freshness. I didn't want you to see just any cake or pastry on my site; I wanted to make sure I was offering you the very best that America's pastry chefs have to offer! I already knew some of the country’s top pastry chefs but I did not know them all. To be certain my goals of finding the best-of-the-best chefs were met I leveraged my 25 years of award winning bakery experience and every connection I made in the business since then. Because of the time in the industry and my reputation for outstanding and creative innovations I received a lot of help. I got reports about bakeries I should look into and chefs I should interview from all over. Every one of my friends and colleagues jumped on board to help in the search. It was a fantastic moment for because the road to being America’s neighborhood bakery on the internet was becoming a reality.

Since then, the search is still a daily process for me and has shaped into the gourmet gallery you see before you today. I would like to invite you to please think of us as the bakery of your childhood dreams, where the showcase is filled with seductive and silky recipes that America's most talented pastry chefs jealously keep guarded under lock-and-key.

If you visit department store bakeries for unique cookies and cakes or if you have ever bought from a mail-order food catalog, then you already have some idea of how works. But there is a difference: Our Freshness is 100% Guaranteed! When you place an order at, it goes from the local baker straight to the doorstep where you ordered it.

Treat yourself or find a unique gift for someone you love. Browse our online bakeries and product reviews and discover America's best bakeries. No matter what you select, I promise you will be satisfied beyond your wildest dreams.