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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone loves delicious chocolate chip cookies. That's why we have a broad selection of chocolate chip cookies that include gigantic cookies, mini cookies, sugar-free cookies and gluten-free cookies. Send to a loved one or treat yourself to a box of these chocolate chip cookies delivered right to your door from some of America's finest bakeries.

10 Item(s)

10 Item(s)

Chocolate chip cookie delivery is one of our most popular gifts online. The perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe includes just enough salt to offset the sweetness of the cookie dough, and should have plenty of handfuls of high quality chocolate chips.

You can taste the difference between real baker's chocolate and cheap chocolate. We use only the finest ingredients in our chocolate chip cookie gifts: rich, decadent and the perfect consistency. 

There are giant chocolate chip cookie cakes, mini chocolate chip cookies. We also carry sugar free chocolate chip cookies and gluten free chocolate chip cookies for special diet desserts, as well. Everyone should have the option to enjoy the best chocolate chip cookies from America's finest bakeries - and cookie delivery online makes that possible.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Trivia

Who invented the chocolate chip cookie?

Ruth Graves Wakefield. She owned a restaurant called the Tollhouse Inn, which made its name in the 1930's based on her delicious homestyle cooking and traditional recipes.

Where did the idea for the chocolate chip cookie come from?

There are all kinds of stories about the origin of the chocolate chip cookie, including one from a former head chef, who claimed that some chocolate accidentally fell in some batter and he was the one who stopped the restauranteur from throwing it out.

But the truth likely comes from Wakefield herself, who was an professional chef and had already published a cookbook:  

"We had been serving a thin butterscotch nut cookie with ice cream. Everybody seemed to love it, but I was trying to give them something different. So I came up with Toll House cookie."