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Chocolates & Caramels

Rich chocolate fudge, gourmet chocolate boxes, chocolate truffles and buttercrunch - these special treats are decadent and rich. They make perfect gifts with easy online ordering and delivery. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Our array of special treats was designed with your chocolate lover in mind - chocolate delivery is made easy anywhere in the US with our unique collection of gourmet desserts online. 

There are rich Chocolate Truffles, stunningly packaged in a lovely giftbox and ready for delivery. We included some other fun treats in this selection, like Buttercrunch, the Fudge Sampler, the Gourmet Caramel Gift Box and Jacki's Candy Collection. 

When you use the finest ingredients, the difference is clear. High quality chocolate, caramel and other confections taste so much better than the regular kind. These special treats are perfect gifts for Grandparent's Day, Valentine's Day and other special occasions. 

Don't forget to try our Hot Fudge Sauce. It's rich, thick, and so delicious warmed up and drizzled over a dish of ice cream. Real fudge doesn't come in a bottle - our glass jar contains 15 ounces of gooey, yummy fudge sauce. Receive two jars with your order - you can keep one and give one to a friend. Warning: once you try real fudge sauce, you're never going to be able to go back to the other kind. 

Buttercrunch is a treat you have to taste to believe. This dessert delivery online can be used as a topping on your ice cream sundae, or eaten alone for an especially delicious experience. Buttercrunch is rich Vermont butter toffee inside milk chocolate and rolled in crushed cashews and almonds. It's crunchy, buttery and melts in your mouth.

Both the Hot Fudge Sauce and Buttercrunch are naturally gluten free, making them perfect gluten free gifts for those on a special diet.