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Order one of these delicious Hannukah gifts from America's most distinguished kosher bakeries. Hanukkah cookies, petit fours, fortune cookies and a selection of classic cakes, tarts and other desserts. Perfect for your table or to send to friends and family to celebrate. 

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Our collection of Hannukah gifts offers an array of delicious desserts online to browse and choose from. We have selected some of the most decadent Kosher desserts for delivery anywhere in the country. 

Some of our more unique Jewish desserts include Hannukah fortune cookies, gourmet gift baskets and Hannukah petit fours online. 

We also offer Kosher gifts for those on a special diet - try our rich Sugar Free Marble Truffle Cake to send or Classic Flourless Chocolate Truffle Cake.

Did you know?

The word "Hannukah" means "dedication". This refers to the dedication the Maccabees had when defeating the Greek superpower. 

Spinning the dreidel came from a diversion tactic students studying the Torah illegally would use. When Greek soldiers  came by, the children would hide their texts and pull out the dreidel. The Greek soldiers thought they were playing a gambling game, and left them alone. 

Adam Sandler wrote two follow-ups to his popular hit, "The Chanukah Song", where he lists more Jewish celebrities. He originally wrote the piece to comfort Jewish children who felt alienated around Christmas time.