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Mini Cookies

Kids and adults absolutely love our mini cookies. They're perfect gifts and fun to share. Shop our selection of themed mini cookies - there's a mini cookie gift for every occasion. 4th of July cookies, Valentine's Day cookies, sports cookies, spring cookies and a whole lot more. 

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)

Kids and adults both love our adorable mini cookie gifts. Baked with the best, freshest ingredients, our sugar shortbread cookies are hand-decorated with designs around your chosen theme. 

Our sports mini cookies are a unique gift for sports fans - tiny footballs, baseballs, tennis balls and basketballs are bite-sized and delicious. 

The Patriotic Mini Cookies are great gifts for veterans or at the table of your next 4th of July BBQ. 

What could be cuter than a box of mini cookies at a baby shower? Little footprints, prams, bottles and teddy bears will bring a smile to the new mom's face. 

There are birthday cookies, Mother's Day mini cookies and Lots of Love Mini Sugar Cookies, perfect for Valentine's Day gifts or anytime you want to let your loved one know how much you care about them. 

Our mini chocolate chip cookies come two pounds to a tin, and make unique Christmas gifts, office party snacks or simply enjoy at home with a glass of milk or mug of cocoa.