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St. Patrick's Day

You'll have the luck of the Irish with these sweet St. Patrick's Day treats! Our selection of St. Patrick's day desserts includes delicious shamrock cake pops, cookies, fortune cookies, oreos and gift baskets. Wow guests at your next party or send a special celebration cake for delivery to your friends and family.

12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)

St. Patrick's Day dessert delivery for one and all! Shamrock cake pops, shamrock petit fours and St. Patrick's Day crispy rice bars are unique desserts to send to family or friends. We also offer unique gift baskets full of delicious snacks that go great with or without green beer. 

Some fun St. Patrick's Day trivia...

Why are shamrocks lucky? The story goes that St. Patrick used these three leaf clovers to explain the principles of the Holy Trinity as he ministered Christianity in Ireland. Since most people couldn't read, using the symbol of the shamrock made it easy for them to remember the idea of three beings becoming one.

Why do people drink on St. Patrick's Day? Traditionally, the Lenten restrictions on drinking alcohol were lifted on St. Patrick's Day, so this is probably the source of all the alcohol around the celebration.

What is drowning the shamrock? Drowning the shamrock (or "wetting the shamrock") is a popular toasting tradition in Ireland. A shamrock leaf is placed in the bottom of the last glass of the night, which is then filled with beer, cider or perhaps whiskey.  After a toast, the shamrock can be tossed over the shoulder for good luck, or downed with the rest of the drink.