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Cakes of Distinction

Our finest and most popular cakes. Treat yourself to one of our distinctive cakes or mail order a unique cake for that "VIP" in your life. Place your order, we deliver it and the celebration begins. Cake delivery online is easy and fun!

12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)

Our Cakes of Distinction are stunning and delicious, some of our most popular cakes for online cake delivery. These cakes make lovely centerpieces at dessert tables at dinner parties, no matter the occasion or holiday.

The Best of the Best

The Black Forest Cake - curls of rich bittersweet chocolate and imported Amerino cherries top this traditional chocolate cake, iced with whipped heavy cream and circled with chocolate cake crumbs. 

The Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Cake - a thick layer of chocolate is beautifully etched and decorated with bright red raspberries, so pretty you almost don't want to eat it. 

The Chambord Cake - Rolled white chocolate creates a smooth surface for this elegant design, covering a moist yellow cake brushed with black raspberry liquer, filled with generous raspberry mousse and rich vanilla buttercream. 

Holiday Red Velvet Cake - The poinsettia detail on the center of this traditional red velvet cake adds a lovely focus to this already gorgeous cake, iced with sweet cream cheese frosting and circled in bright green details.

German Chocolate Cake - A classic American cake executed perfectly. Every bite is full of rich chocolate cake, caramel, pecans and coconut with just a hint of rum. 

This is the cake to send when you're looking to make a great impression with a new boss, business partner or mother-in-law - classic flavors and unforgettable designs from America's finest bakeries.