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Polish Desserts

Baumkuchen-Sękacz and Kolaczki are special traditional desserts from Poland. Celebrate holidays, send as a gift to friends and family, or simply enjoy at home.

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2 Item(s)

Our collection of Polish desserts online come from traditional recipes. Send a Polish dessert to family members for the holidays or as an anytime treat to let them know you're thinking of them. 

Polish Dessert Trivia

What is baumkuchen? Is baumkuchen the same as Sękacz?

Sękacz is the Polish variety of a spit cake, which is a cake with butter, flour, eggs and cream, combined and then baked on a rotating spit. Baumkuchen is the German variety of the same idea. Baumkuchen means "tree cake", and so does "sękacz".

The tree effect is from spinning a wooden spit at high temperatures and dropping dough piece by piece. This makes the cake seem like the inside of a tree, with many rings. 

Baumkuchen is also popular in Japan, where it has become a favorite gourmet dessert after being brought there by a German immigrant during World War II.

What are kolaczki? 

One of the most popular Polish desserts, kolaczki are little folded cookies around a fruit filling. Ours are delicate and flaky, brimming with apricot and raspberry filling, then dusted with powdered sugar. 

In the past, kolaczki were served around Christmastime, but this addictive Polish dessert has turned into a year round treat. Once you try them, you'll understand why!