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Halloween Treats

Spooky, sweet easy Halloween treats for kids and adults, too! Browse our selection of Halloween treats: mini Halloween cookies, adorable Halloween cake pops, Halloween gift baskets and much more!

20 Item(s)

20 Item(s)

These Halloween treats for kids will have adults going back for seconds, too! Our selection of Halloween treat ideas will bring some spooky fun to any Halloween party dessert table. 

Some of our favorite easy Halloween treats are the Giant Halloween Cookie Cake, the Halloween Cookie Bouquet and Halloween Brownie Cake. 

The adorably spooky Halloween Cake Pops are easy Halloween treats to share - no clean up required. If you're looking for the best in Halloween gift baskets, may we suggest the Boo Mania Halloween Bouquet or Hexes & Potions Halloween Gift Box. 

The Halloween Gourmet Pretzel Twists and Halloween Gourmet Oreo Tin are fun Halloween gifts to send to family and friends. The Frightfully Fun Halloween Pail is one of the best Halloween gifts for kids who can't go trick or treating this year: packed with Halloween treats, candies, Silly String and a ton of other fun toys (there's even a stories and sounds Halloween CD), this gift will let them join in on the spooky fun. 

Our Halloween petit fours online are some of the cutest bite-sized monsters you'll ever see, or try the Halloween Mini Cookies for a mix of scary characters hand-decorated on tiny sugar cookies.