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Halloween Petits Fours

Serving Size
12 pieces - approx. 1oz each
Celebrate Halloween with our classic collection of spooky petits fours. A sure hit for ghosts and goblins.

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  • Celebrate Hallows Eve in wickedly delicious style. One bite of these multi-layered bite size cakes will send you howling back for more! Go completely batty for our new Truffle Bats, Marzipan Wicked Witches, Chocolate Spider Webs, Yummy Mummies, Mocha Bones, Jack-o?-Lanterns, and White Chocolate Ghosts petits fours. Assortments of one or two dozen petits fours will be flown to your door.

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It's never been easier to buy petit fours online. These classic French pastries are named for the type of oven setting they are baked in - grand four was the high heat, good for cooking meats, while petit four (literally, "small oven") was found to be perfect for cooking tiny pastries. 

While the French spelling of the plural "petits fours" is technically correct, our American pronunciation has led to "petit fours" making it into the English dictionary. Whatever you do, don't pronounce the "t" or "s" at the end of "petits" - the word should be said like "petty". 

Along with Halloween petit fours, we also have Easter petit fours, Christmas petit fours and many more themed petit fours delivery.