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QR Code Cookies

Unique marketing ideas are hard to come by, but QR Code Custom Cookies are sure to be remembered. Perfect for marketing campaigns and giveaways, or to promote a new product.

Looking for corporate gift ideas or custom corporate logo cakes and logo cookies? Check out 1-800-Bakery's corporate site by clicking here.

2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)

Our clients have used QR cookies in all kinds of creative ways. A QR code cookie uses the same high-quality edible printing process we use for our Logo Cookies and custom Photo Cookies. Just send us your QR code as an image and we print it directly on the icing of the cookie. 

Customers can scan the QR code to find out more about your business or take advantage of a unique company promotion. Clients have also used the QR Cookies to spread information internally at their company, like announcing a new service offering or new product line. 

Unique marketing ideas have something in common: they get people talking about your business and they get remembered. A custom cookie is an unusual way to spread news, and creates a positive memory associated with your company. Perfect for corporate events, trade shows, company milestones and employee recognition programs. 

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