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Our Tarts are an admired and delicious dessert. A very elegant alternative to a pie. Free Shipping when you buy two tarts of the same flavor to go to the same address.

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5 Item(s)

Tarts are a beautiful dessert to send to family and friends. Where pies usually are covered by a pastry topping, tarts are designed to showcase their filling. A classic dessert gift, tarts can be shipped anywhere in the US for holidays and celebrations. 

The Bourbon Pecan Tart (also known as a Bourbon Pecan Pie) is a staple of Southern US cooking. Our tart is from a special family recipe using Kentucky bourbon and fresh pecans, topped with whipped cream. 

The Lemon Lovers Tart is a perfect blend of sweet and sour, with a rich, creamy texture using lemon curd and handmade buttercream.

Our three fruit tarts make perfect dessert gifts for Christmas parties or late summer gatherings.

The Mountain Berry Tart is piled high with a blend of wild blueberries and raspberries on top of a base of sweet almond pastry cream.

The Cabernet Pear Tart is an eye-catching dessert to send, with a pear glaze and rim of sliced almonds.

The Raspberry Almond Tart is similarly stunning, with layers of butter cookie under a swirling design of raspberry glaze and almond filling.