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Memorial Day

This selection of patriotic petit fours, fortune cookies and other treats are a perfect addition to your Memorial Day celebration or as a special gift to say thank you to our veterans. Memorial Day 2020: Monday, May 25th. 

10 Item(s)

10 Item(s)

Thank our veterans for their service with a patriotic gift this Memorial Day. Our Patriotic Custom Fortune Cookies and Giant Custom Fortune Cookies are unique gift ideas, and we also have an assortment of more traditional Memorial Day desserts like our Hearts and Stripes Petit Fours online. 

We've put together a group of the most unique gift baskets for delivery, such as the Grilling Gift Basket - Jim and Jack Together. A perfect gift for men, it combines an array of Jack Daniels Marinades & BBQ sauces with Jim Beam Mustards and Steak Sauces - plus a ton of other gifts dads love: beef jerky, coffee, cookies and pretzels. 

If you're shopping for Memorial Day desserts for your next BBQ, take a look at our cakes delivered to your door: Chocolate Celebration Cakes, the ornate Bacca di Montagna Cake, Strawberry Grand Marnier Cake. There are cakes to send that suit every taste and budget. Have cakes delivered to family and friends, or simply order a cake to enjoy at home.