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Cake Pops

Have you tried CAKE POPS, the newest sensation? Well, if you haven't, you should! This adorable treat has a secret combination of ingredients that makes our cake pops one of our most popular treats.

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)

Cake Pops are bite-sized cakes on lollipop-style sticks. Our cake pops are all decorated by hand by confection artisans - there are adorable Animal Cake Pops, Easter Chick Cake Pops, Christmas Tree Cake Pops and more!

Some of our most popular designs are:

...Shamrock cake pops for St. Patrick's Day celebrations

...Spooky cake pops for Halloween parties

...Heart-shaped cake pops (a great Valentine's Day gift for her)

...Turkey Cake Pops for Thanksgiving, complete with candy corn tails 

Party Cake Pops and Holiday Classic Cake Pops are perfect for New Year's Eve dessert tables. Cake pops make unique children's birthday gifts and party favors - kids love the adorable designs and there's no cleanup to do afterward. 

For adults, we have cake pops in simpler designs, great as unique business gifts or thank you gifts. The Red Velvet Cake Pops and Classic Cake Pops are perfect for sharing around the office. Bite-size, rich and delicious - send cake pops to make a special memory.