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Flourless Cakes

Low carb diet? No problem. Our flourless cakes are just as delicious and decadent as the other kind. Perfect for cake delivery anywhere in the US. Send as a gift or simply enjoy at home with loved ones.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

Our flourless cake delivery makes you forget that flour is such a staple of the baking industry. Our flourless chocolate cake and flourless cheesecakes are absolutely decadent. You'll never know anything was "missing" - these recipes have been tested and improved to perfection. 

Can't decide between cheesecake and chocolate cake delivery? Have them both! The Sugar Free Marble Truffle Cake has a layer of flourless chocolate cake topped with our flourless cheesecake. The design is beautiful and taste is out of this world. 

If you're avoiding both sugar and flour, the sugar free flourless chocolate cake will have you going back for seconds. This cake is made just as richly and decadently as any chocolate cake, without the unpleasant aftertaste that many associate with sugar free desserts. 

These treats make perfect flourless birthday cakes, too. If your loved one is on a special diet, they'll love receiving a cake they can enjoy and share, that everyone will love, regardless of any dietary restrictions. Send a flourless cake to your college student on their birthday - we can deliver it directly to their dorm. 

The flourless and sugar free Classic Chocolate Truffle Cake comes pre-sliced, which makes it easy to share with new friends. Perfect for dorm room celebrations when you can't be with your student yourself.