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Jewish Desserts

Traditional Jewish desserts to share with friends and family. Our Hamentashen and Rugelach are made from classic Jewish recipes and can be sent as gifts with a personalized message anywhere in the US.

2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)

Jewish dessert delivery makes it easy to send traditional Jewish desserts online to family and friends across the country. Our Rugelach and Hamentashen are made from family-held, traditional recipes. Order more than one dessert gift and use our easy multiple address checkout process to do all your shopping at the same time. 

What is Hamentash?

Hamentashen is the plural of Hamentash or Hamentasch, a triangular traditional Jewish dessert celebrating the holiday of Purim. They take their name from Haman, the enemy of the Jewish people in the story of Esther. 

What are Hamentashen made of?

A Hamentash is a pastry folded into a triangle shape around a filling, usually fruit, nut or cheese-based. Our Hamentaschen are filled with sweet, fresh raspberry and apricot filling.

What is Rugelach?

Rugelach are a rolled pastry filled with raisins, chocolate, fruit or poppy seeds. The name is Yiddish in origin, and means something close to "little twists", referring to the way the pastry is rolled. 

Our Rugelach are made with rich cream cheese dough and filled with chopped walnuts and roasted coconut. Enjoy traditional Jewish desserts with family at home or send to friends far and wide with our dessert delivery service.