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St. Patrick's Demitasse Petit Fours

Serving Size
36 Pieces - .5 oz each

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  • Our St. Patrick's Demitasse Petit Fours assortment is an irresistible combination.  You don't have to be Irish to enjoy these enchanting cakes consisting of moist vanilla almond and chocolate layers filled with Triple Chocolate Mint, Irish Creme, White Chocolate Mint and Java Creme!

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Impress friends with your knowledge of these classic bakery treats!
Here's our petit four primer:

The word itself is French. Petit fours - originally spelled "petits fours" and pronounced "petty" as in Tom Petty and "four" as in the number 4. 

Probably due to this tricky pronunciation, in America we've corrupted the correct spelling and you commonly see English speakers typing "petit fours". 

There are three main types - dry (unglazed), iced and savory. Savory petit fours make the rounds atop trays at cocktail parties, giving you your perfect "in" to bring up your new petit four knowledge. 

The word "petit four" means "small oven" and refers to the low heat setting used on old coal ovens during the 1800's - perfect for baking tiny cakes.