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Christmas Gifts For Him

A gift you'll know he'll love - one of his favorite desserts, delivered to his doorstep. Convenient, heart-felt and delicious! A coffee cake or croissant assortment will make his morning coffee, while a holiday gift basket can be snacked on all day. Big, crunchy gourmet cookies are surefire gifts for husbands, and he'll rave about one of our decadent classic cakes. 

 "I recently ordered the Stollen for my husband as a Christmas present. He absolutely loved it. His aunt used to make it for him each Christmas and send to him, but she has not been able to for the past couple of years.  

I knew how much my husband loved having Stollen and coffee on Christmas morning so I searched various websites for the best Stollen and came upon your site. I was not disappointed, and neither was he." - Greg and Debbie Rockhold, Stollen

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5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)