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Stollen 1.8lb 38 Years Handmade

Serving Size
1.8 lb Size - Serves 16
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European Stollen is one of our all-time top-selling treats.  Candied fruits, Myers Rum-soaked raisins, and almonds are folded into the sweet dough. Each Stollen is baked until golden brown, brushed with drawn butter and dusted with sugar for a festive finish.


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  • This is a 1.8 Lb. Stollen. European Stollen is our top-selling Christmas item. We make the special sweet dough from scratch, then fold in candied fruits and raisins (that we soak in Myers Rum for three days) and almonds. Each Stollen is baked to a golden brown, brushed with drawn butter, and dusted with sugar for a festive finish. Heat this delicious bread in the oven for a warm morning treat, or enjoy anytime with coffee, tea, and good friends. Our Stollens are shipped anywhere in the USA and make a wonderful holiday gift. Feel free to read our reviews!


    Learn the History of Stollen.
    Nutritional Information
    Allergen Info: Wheat, milk, egg and various types of all nuts.

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Stollen is one of our most historical desserts, with a rich history full of stories about Princes, Popes, Kings and ordinary people. It's made from a recipe that has had the time to be perfected over centuries with the addition of bright fruit, velvety butter and warm spices.

What is stollen? German stollen is a fruit bread that is rolled in icing or powdered sugar. Dried fruits, candied peels and nuts add crunch and flavor to the bread. Our Christmas stollen (aka Christstollen) is full of rum-macerated raisins, almonds and candied fruit.

After being baked to perfection, the stollen is removed from the oven and cooled, then brushed with melted butter and rolled in sugar. The sweet exterior keeps the inside moist longer, and adds balance to each bite. The density and size of our 1.8 lb creation makes it the perfect stollen gift to send - it travels well and arrives tasting fresh. Send stollen to family and friends around the holidays to remind them of this rich German tradition, or start a new one of your own. 

Some of the more interesting highlights from stollen history:

Since butter was banned during the Advent season, stollen had to be made of oil instead of butter. Prince Elector Ernst wasn't a fan of the diminished flavor and texture, and sent a letter to the Pope requesting an exemption to use butter. This was finally granted in the famous "Butter Letter" of 1490, where the Prince's household was allowed to use butter without being fined. 

Dresden, Germany holds an annual Stollenfest. They really love stollen there - they've been baking it since the 15th century.

Augustus II The Strong once ordered the Baker's Guilde to bake a 1.7 ton stollen, big enough to serve all 24,000 guests at a festival.

A German supermarket chain called Lidl baked a stollen over 72 meters long - that's more than 230 feet - in 2010.