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Home Schooling Cheer-Up Cookie Cake

Serving Size

10" diameter .


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Try our Home Schooling Cheer-Up Cookie Cake as a great way to motivate your young loved ones who have to engage with schooling from home!

 Our giant 10" cookie feeds up to ten, is decorated with colorful frosting, in a playful school equipment design.

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  • Taking up schooling from home can be fun and motivated when this Giant Home Schooling Cheer-Up Cookie Cake arrives! Delivery of this motivational cookie cake will bring smiles. Our Home Schooling Cheer-Up Cookie Cakes says, Enjoy Your Home Schooling! and is filled with a generous supply of chocolate chips. This delivery of the 10 inch Home Schooling Cheer-Up Cookie Cake is decorated with colorful frosting, in a playful edible school equipment design!

    This product is fresh baked and does not include nuts. The Large Home Schooling Cheer-Up cookie cake is a two pound cookie which is the equivalent to 32 one ounce cookies. 

    Home Schooling Cheer-Up Cookie Cakes are a great motivational gift for sending to your grandsons, nephews, and sons who are still studying for a motivational surprise!

    Nutritional Information

    Nut free

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