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Mini Biscotti Assortment (24 ut)

Serving Size

24 ut. - 4" long / .5 oz each 


Now in delicate petite size: Our exclusively delicious biscotti are crunchy on the outside and soft in the center. Butterscotch Pecan, Cranberry Almond & Lemon Ginger.


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  • Now in delicate petite sizeIf you think all biscotti are hard, dry cookies that need a good soaking to enjoy, I invite you to try my versions. My biscotti are baked in big pieces that are sliced after baking. The result is a thick biscotti with a crunchy outside that gives way to a soft center filled with fruits and nuts.  

    Mini Biscotti are 4" long and .5 ozs each. Golden cardboard tray of 24 units (as seen on photo) includes equal distribution of our delicious biscotti in three flavors: 

    • Butterscotch Pecan Biscotti: made with rich butterscotch and toasted pecans.
      • Ingredients: Flour, Butter, Butterscotch Drops, Pecans, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Eggs, Vanilla, Salt, Baking Powder.

    • Cranberry Almond Biscotti: sweetened with dried cranberries, enhanced with white chocolate and sliced almonds for added crunch.
      • Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Dried Cranberries, Butter, White Chocolate Drops, Eggs, Almonds, Baking Powder, Almond Extract, Salt.

    • Lemon Ginger Biscotti: is a unique mixture of lemon, crystallized ginger and white chocolate chips.
      • Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Butter, White Chocolate Drops, Eggs, Crystallized Ginger, Lemon, Baking Powder, Lemon Extract, Salt.

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