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Frightfully Fun Halloween Pail

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Gift Pail

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A plush pug faced puppy dressed in disguise delivers a spooky surprise pail filled with Halloween treats. Makes the perfect Halloween gift for all.

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  • An eerie fog rolls in and the full moon is on the rise - the mood has been set for a spooky surprise! Then the puppies arrive all dressed up and ready to play for Halloween!

    • Halloween pumpkin pail
    • Halloween  Pumpkin stencils with pumpkin carver
    • Marshmallow pumpkin Peeps
    • Silly String
    • Spooky stories & sounds Halloween CD
    • Halloween Glow Bracelets/ Necklaces
    • Halloween flashlight
    • Peanut Butter pumpkins
    • Marshmallow eyeballs 2
    • Witches Warts candies
    • Halloween bats pretzels
    • M & M's Milk Chocolate
    • Reese's® Pieces
    • Pumpkin ball and cup game
    • Trick or Treat plush teddy bear dressed as a pumpkin
    • Rice Krispie treats
    • Halloween sucker
    • Halloween microwave popcorn
    • Comes with a Frightfully Fun Halloween bow

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